Right-angled drives from AMT

Better than industry performance standards

The AMT range includes worm, worm-helical and helical gear units. Our helical gearboxes in particular are unique and are powerful enough to outperform industry standards.

Our drives are equipped with brushed permanent magnet motors of various sizes, optionally with or without electromagnetic holding brake. Thanks to the different motor and gearbox designs, we have a wide range of output speeds and outputs on offer. Together with many possible geometries of output shafts and housings, this provides you with a wide range for your application.

All AMT right-angled drives are ideally suited for standard to premium applications that place the highest demands on quality, effectiveness, smooth running and economic efficiency.

Applications involving angle drives

Power wheelchairs


Stair climbers, transport trolleys and much more...

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Short & sweet
at a glance:

  • Low torsional backlash
  • High overall efficiency (up to 85%)
  • Output speeds from 90 to 275 rpm
  • Low noise (< 58 dBA at idle)
  • Rated power from 180-550 watts
  • Various output shafts up to 25 mm diameter possible
  • Total load up to max. 160 kg per drive (i.e. with 2 drives installed, for example in a power wheelchair, up to 320 kg)
  • Motor version available in 2-pin as well as in 4-pin
  • Nominal voltage 24V
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Holding brakes
    • with manual release via rotary lever or cable pull
    • 12V or 24V
    • Braking torque 3 Nm
    • Braking torques on the output shaft 60 Nm to 86 Nm
  • Special solutions on request
  • Optionally with encoder

  • Low noise
  • Low-vibration running
  • Good torque development
  • No rest moments

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