Drive solutions for power wheelchairs from AMT

Mobility means freedom

Mobility is a valuable privilege that is appreciated all the more when it is not taken for granted.

Our power wheelchair drives are designed to deliver best performance both indoors and outdoors. This means that there are sometimes enormous loads acting on the drive system. With specially developed AMT special solutions such as "differential gear and steering drive", your power wheelchairs can cope with these stresses superbly well. We work together with you to develop the ideal drive solution for every power wheelchair. That may be a standardised solution or an individually adapted special drive – our focus is always on the highest product quality and optimum operational performance.

Your advantages

Quiet motor operation

Very high efficiency due to unique gearbox design

Lightweight yet powerful

Precisely configurable for customer needs


Right-angled and axial drives in the model series






Interested in how we get your power wheelchairs moving?