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In modern agriculture, operators quite rightly place the highest demands on agricultural technology products. With our drive solutions, you can meet these requirements of your customers at any time. Whether calf milk transporters, feed wagons or slatted feeders – with our decades of experience and know-how, we know exactly what matters.

There are almost no limits to the potential applications of our AMT drive solutions. No matter what you want to move – we power it!

In the mornings and evenings, large quantities of milk have to be transported to the calf barn and calf pens. With our differential drives, this can be done quickly and easily – and is easy on the user’s strength and back. With the AMT drives, your product gets the best manoeuvrability and traction, robustness and reliability, even in rough terrain. Thanks to our know-how and experience, we have become the most important supplier of drive solutions in this market in recent years.

Whether for professional horse owners, in breeding operations or in agriculture: electrically driven feed wagons have become indispensable. Equipped with an AMT differential drive, transporting fodder from the silo to the barn is child’s play, even when fully loaded and on uneven terrain with gradients, twists and turns.

Clean and dry slats in the cattle shed are essential for healthy cattle hooves. With our quiet-running and economical AMT differential drives, easy to manoeuvre even in confined spaces, time-consuming manual pushing of a floor scraper is a thing of the past. This enables your customers to noticeably gain time and save costs.

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