Differential drives

AMT's differential drive systems are a complete package comprised of a differential gear assembly, a DC permanent magnet motor and an electromagnetic parking brake. They are characterised by their compactness and efficiency as well as a low noise level.

During the development of this drive, special attention has been paid to the design in order to make the construction robust and durable, while achieving high efficiency and low noise generation.

The primary applications for this drive which enables large payloads include scooters for assistive mobility, golf carts and transport vehicles for industrial purposes.

This drive can be directly attached to the vehicle using the four available mounting holes: No further installation components are necessary. The complete drive assembly is easily removed and replaced if servicing is required. The drive is equipped with a plug correspondig to the control unit – which means: plug it in and go!

Technical data:

  • Low gear backlash
  • High power efficiency (up to 85%)
  • Output speed from 55 to 275 rpm (revolutions/minute)
  • Low noise level (less than 62db at idling speed)
  • Rated power from 275 - 850 Watt
  • Various output shaft diameters up to 25 mm
  • Total load capacity up to maximum 350 kg
  • Operating voltage 24 V DC
  • Lifetime lubrication
  • Holding brakes
    • with manual release by lever or rope
    • 12V or 24V
    • braking torque 10Nm
    • braking torques on the output shaft from 120Nm to 180Nm 
  • Other options available
  • Customized design solutions available upon request

Differential drives - ideal for