Drives for stairlifts

When the stair turns into an obstacle, the driving power of a stairlift helps your customers and allows them new mobility.

Our driving force is bringing our customers closer to their targets: The combination of our innovative disc motors and our efficient helical gear boxes enables us to meet your requirements even better. With such a drive solution you can design your products much more attractive for your customers. New solutions in terms of package space, product geometry and functionality can be realized.

Your advantages:

  • Due to the excellent efficiency rates, more compact solutions with smaller electrical power consumption and a bigger cruising range at the same performance level can be achieved. On the other hand the product performance figures can be increased – depending on the future expectations from the product.

  • Constant speed upwards and downwards as well as at cornering in different radiuses respectively at changing inclinations raises the customers’ trust in your product.

  • Low noise level and running smoothness raise the customer satisfaction.