More than 40 years ago, we began as a small metal machining business. Steady growth and development led us to our position today as a progressive, globally operating, successful mid-sized company. A brief review illustrates how we've been "moving" over the last 40 years.


Enzo Viola - new CEO

AMT Schmid continues to expand internationally with a new CEO. The new CEO and shareholder will be the 50-year-old graduate industrial engineer Enzo Viola, who brings in international management and market experience and intends to lead the company further into a successful future together with his two management colleagues Steffen May and Marco Kiene.


40 years AMT Schmid

40 years of expertise and experience - millions of drives in use worldwide. Motivation and passion for technology drive us forward.


More efficient production

Implementation of five new assembly and production islands and investment in a new CNC lathe in order to enhance effectiveness.


Investment in gear hobbing

Purchase of two gear hobbing machines and a gear tooth measuring machine.


New test bench for R&D

Investment in a new test bench for R&D which makes testing of drives easier, better and more precise.

4-axis machining centre

A new 4-axis machining centre makes production even more efficient and productive.

Increase of productivity

Reorganization of motor assembly lines: increase of productivity as a result of optimized workflows, better material handling, optimized warehouse logistics and controlling efforts.


Enhancement of production capacity

Enhancement of production capacity with another CNC lathe machine.


Optimization of warehouse and picking process

Implementation of a bar code system and organisation of material movements with mobile handheld scanners. This leads to more transparency, speed and pick accuracy.


Expansion of the highly automated production

Expansion of the highly automated production with a new fully automated CNC circular grinding machine.


New milling centre

With a new milling centre gear pinions up to 100 mm diameter are produced out of rod in one production step.

AMT boosts presence in the stairlift market

With new industry-specific and customized drive solutions AMT boosts its presence in the stairlift market.


New 3D CNC measuring machine

Maximum precision: a new 3D CNC measuring machine with 3 measuring methods (tactile, optical and laser) guarantees the most precise results.


New horizontal machining centre

A new horizontal machining centre with 300 tools and 100 pallet places allows the production to operate without personnel during night shifts.


Investment in three honing machines

Investment in three honing machines: with the new technology of gear honing we produce gears with optimized surfaces which bring AMT drives to perfection in terms of silent running and cost-effectiveness.

Expansion of the warehouse

Expansion of the warehouse with investment in the fully automated high rack storage area.


Customized drive solutions

AMT has built up a reputation for itself in the field of customized drives and realises increasingly individual drive solutions with an experienced, professional R&D department.

Armature manufacturing

Addition to capacity and increased productivity of the armature manufacturing: AMT reacts to the constantly inreasing demand with new automatic machines.


Disc motor

Extension of the AMT product portfolio with the very flat and powerful disc motor.


AMT Schmid presents itself in public

AMT develops a new Corporate Design and establishes internet presence with their own web site. Open house is held to allow the public a view behind the scenes.


Completion of the new company plant

Completion of our new, modern company plant and relocation of three formerly separate locations under one roof. Optimization of operational efficiency on all levels. The heart of the new complex is the "glass production".

Change of name and legal structure

Change of name and legal structure of the company from Schmid Antriebstechnik to AMT Schmid GmbH & Co. KG - Auto Move Technologies. Armin Schmid is named managing director. Having worked his way up in the family business, his appointment assures that healthy growth and continuity will carry over into the second generation.


Development and production of software and hardware

Financial investment in the company allows a logical and consequential expansion of our performance range to include development and production of software and hardware for electronic controls.


Wheel hub drives

Development and manufacture of the gearless and electronically commutating wheel hub drives.


Differential gear motor

With the development and manufacture of the differential gear motor, a drive was produced that remains today one of the leaders of our of product range.


Custom designed electromagnetic brake

Development and manufacture of the first custom designed electromagnetic brake.


Custom designed electric motor

The first custom designed electric motor is developed and manufactured in our company.


Gearing mechanism

Development and manufacture of the first custom designed GEARING MECHANISM.



Egon Schmid founded Schmid Antriebstechnik as a piece manufacturer for metal machining.

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Four decades AMT

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Corporate philosophy

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