AMT – Movement is all that drives us

We keep things moving

AMT Schmid GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative, healthily grown, medium-sized company. For over 40 years, we have been developing and producing standardised industry and customer-specific drive solutions with a clear goal: To restore mobility for people who are restricted in their freedom of movement and opportunities.

With our battery-powered applications, we are the European market leader and we operate globally. Our product portfolio includes electric motors, gearboxes, electromagnetic brakes and customised special drives. Primarily, we operate in the healthcare sector. Our special drives in particular are also finding their way into countless other areas of application.

Everything from a single source

The large vertically integrated scope of manufacture at AMT enables us to achieve consistent quality assurance while assuring optimum cost-effectiveness and maximum flexibility. Our aim is to move even more for you. In this way, we consistently gear our performance to the wishes of our customers and we are only satisfied once you are delighted. The outcome of this partnership takes the form of innovative drive solutions that can cope with any everyday requirements. We give you our word on that.

The AMT management

Enzo Viola, CEO

Our philosophy

„We are not satisfied until our customers are delighted. That’s why we move more than is expected of us.“

This philosophy – this principle – drives us in all areas. Be it in strategic planning, company management, daily production or, of course, in service to our customers, partners and clients.

In short:

  • We are expanding our company meaningfully and consistently
  • We develop optimum product solutions for the benefit of our customers
  • We always strive for the best, especially in cooperation with our customers
  • We stand for excellent quality in all areas
  • We pay attention to reliability and keeping agreements
  • We move more than our competitors

Environmental and climate protection

Beyond the legal requirements of environmental law, AMT Schmid is careful to act in an ecologically sustainable and responsible manner. We are efficient in our use of energy and resources, and strive to produce as little waste as possible. We promote the environmental awareness of our employees and suppliers. We expect our employees to act responsibly in the manufacture and distribution of our products and/or services. For the protection of our employees, we observe all laws and rules pertaining to health and safety at the workplace.

Become an AMT supplier

We see our suppliers as partners who contribute significantly to the global success of our drive solutions. That is why we place the highest demands on them as well as on ourselves.

We rely on innovative, high-performance partners with high quality awareness, good delivery capability and competitive prices. Our goal is a long-term cooperation based on partnership and successful for both sides.

If you are interested in working with AMT Schmid, please apply here.

Contact us

Essential requirements for our suppliers are:

  • High quality standards
  • Assured quality processes
  • Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Flexibility
  • Short delivery lead times
  • Competitive prices
  • Acknowledgement of our Terms and Conditions of Purchase and our Code of Conduct
  • Compliance with our delivery guidelines
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Environmental Management System DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

Our purchasing programme

  • Aluminium / steel pressure-die casting 50 g to 7 kg
  • Aluminium / steel gravity-die casting 100 g to 7 kg
  • Aluminium / steel investment casting 10 g to 100 g
  • Forged parts 50 g to 500 g
  • Plastic injection moulding 3 g to 1.5 kg

  • Shaft seals
  • Ball bearing

  • Shaft parts Ø10-60 mm x 255 mm length
  • Flange parts Ø55-150 mm x 30 mm length
  • Armature plates
  • Gear components
  • Brake discs

  • Coils
  • Armatures
  • Carbon brushes and holders
  • Collectors
  • Cable assembly
  • Magnets
  • Winding wire

  • Free-cutting steel unground h9 & ground h6
  • Case-hardening steel unground h9 & ground h6
  • Stainless steel unpolished h9 & polished h6
  • Cut sections

  • Collet
  • Abrasive cloth
  • Millers
  • Tap drills
  • Twist drills
  • Indexable inserts
  • Service
  • Spare parts

  • Screws
  • Nuts
  • Solder wires
  • Threaded dowels
  • Compression and tension springs
  • Air relief valves
  • Vernier callipers
  • Plug gauge
  • Gloves
  • Ear defenders
  • Packaging

  • Gear oil
  • Greases
  • Cooling lubricant

  • Gas
  • Electricity

  • Broaching
  • Hardening
  • Surface treatment:
    • galvanising/zinc-coating
    • phosphate coating
    • powder coating
    • burnishing
  • Sheet metal processing

  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Residual waste
  • Valuable materials
  • Grinding sludge

  • IT hardware (PC/server)
  • IT network technology
  • IT service
  • IT hardware (printers)
  • IT software
  • IT Internet/Telephony

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct sets out, in addition to our values, which principles of conduct and standards are relevant and binding for us. This applies to dealings with employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, the environment and society. It serves as a guideline for ethically and morally sound, value-oriented action that is compliant with the law and regulations.

You can find our detailed Code of Conduct here.

Code of Conduct

Terms of contract

You can find our terms of purchase here:

General terms & conditions of purchase (T&C)

Non-disclosure commitment

An eventful history

What began over 40 years ago as a small metalworking business has steadily and healthily developed into a progressive, medium-sized company that operates successfully worldwide.

1980: Foundation

Founded by Egon Schmid as a contract metalworking production company.

1987: Gearing mechanism

Development and manufacture of the first custom designed GEARING MECHANISM.

1988: First customer-specific electric motor

The first customer-specific electric motor is developed and manufactured in our company

1989: Electromagnetic brake

Development and production of the first customised electromagnetic brake.

1994: Differential gear motor

With the differential gear motor, a drive is developed and manufactured that is still one of the strongest products in our manufacturing range.

1996: Wheel hub drive

Development and production of the gearless and electronically commutated wheel hub drive.

1998: Development and manufacture of software and hardware

A shareholding in a company expands the range of services with the development and manufacture of software and hardware for electronic control systems.

2001: Change of legal form

Change of legal form and company name from Schmid Antriebstechnik to AMT Schmid GmbH & Co. KG – Auto Move Technologies. Armin Schmid, who knows his parent’s company from the ground up, joins as managing partner, thus ensuring its healthy continuation in the second generation.

2001: Completion of the new company building

Completion of the new company building and relocation of the three previous locations to the new building. This optimises all operational processes. The "heart" of the building is the transparent production.

2003: AMT presents itself to the public

AMT gets a new corporate design and goes online with a new website. An open day provides a glimpse behind the scenes.

2004: Disc rotor motor

The AMT product portfolio is extended by this unusually flat, powerful disc rotor motor.

2005: Armature production sector

Capacity expansion and productivity increase in the area of armature production: AMT is responding to the steadily increasing demand with new automated machines.

Individual drive solutions

AMT has made a name for itself in the field of special drives and is increasingly implementing individual drive solutions with an expert and experienced development department.

2006: Expansion of the logistics area

Investment in the automatic high-bay warehouse.

Investment in three honing machines

Investment in three honing machines: With the new technology of gear honing, surface-optimised gears are produced, which perfect the AMT drives in terms of low noise and economy.

2007: New horizontal machining centre

A new horizontal machining centre with 300 tool places and 100 pallet places enables unmanned production with ghost shifts.

2008: New 3-D CNC Measuring machine

Maximum precision: A new 3-D CNC measuring machine with three measuring methods (tactile, optical and laser measurement) guarantees the most accurate measuring results.

2009: Commitment to the stairlift industry

AMT is strengthening its commitment to the stairlift industry with new industry- and customer-specific drive solutions.

2009: New turning and milling centre

With a new turning and milling centre, gears up to 100 mm in diameter are manufactured from bar stock in a single operation.

2010: Expansion of highly automated production

Expansion of highly automated production with a new, fully automated CNC cylindrical grinding machine.

2012: Optimisation of storage and commissioning processes

More transparency, speed and safety by introducing a barcode system where material movements are registered using mobile handheld computers with scanners.

2014: Expansion of manufacturing capacity

Expansion of manufacturing capacity with a new CNC lathe.

2015: Productivity increase

Conversion of the motor assembly line: Increased productivity by optimising workflows, material arrangement, warehouse logistics and control effort.

4-axis CNC machining centre

With another 4-axis CNC machining centre, AMT Schmid is becoming even more efficient and productive.

2015: New motor test bench

Investment in a new motor test bench for product development for easier, better and more accurate testing of drives.

2016: Investment in the gear sector

Purchase of two CNC gear cutting machines and a gear measuring machine.

2017: More efficient production

Commissioning of five new assembly and production islands and a CNC lathe with the aim of achieving shorter distances and throughput times, automating, requiring less handling, i.e. becoming more efficient.

2020: 40 years of AMT Schmid

AMT Schmid stands for 40 years of know-how and experience. Millions of our drive solutions are on the market. Motivation and passion for technology drive us. For a successful future.

2022: Enzo Viola becomes new CEO

AMT Schmid continues the international growth course it has started with a new CEO. The new CEO and shareholder will be the 50-year-old graduate industrial engineer Enzo Viola, who brings with him international management and market experience and wants to continue to lead the company into a successful future together with his two management colleagues Steffen May and Marco Kiene.