Drive solutions for stairlifts from AMT

Mobility within one’s own four walls

In old age, stairs often make one’s own home a challenge. Stairlifts restore mobility to your customers and enable them to move safely from one floor to another. Our innovative disc motors are the perfect combination with our efficient spur gearboxes to adapt your stairlifts perfectly to any given installation situation. The compact design lends itself to the full range of structural, layout and functional design parameters.

Your advantages

Depending on the design, outstanding drive efficiency ratings can be achieved:

  • more compact solutions due to smaller electrical power required
  • greater ranges and more power with the same product performance

uniform speed during upward and downward travel as well as when negotiating corners or changes in gradient

greater confidence in your product resulting from this

low driving noise and smooth operation

increasing customer satisfaction

Products Stair lifts

Disc rotor drives of the type SLG06 or Worm gear drives of the types SEG03, SEG04, SEG08




Interested in how we get your stairlifts moving?